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Past Life Regression and Progression™

Shawanda Rocks, Crystal & Gems - Holistic Wellness Center is excited to announce that Hypnotherapist Chris Lee is returning to Kelowna and will be booked in at Shawanda.

Stay tuned for more info such as session costs.

It always sell out quickly when Chris is in town so please mark your calendar if you are interested and watch for updates. You won''t be disappointed!

Past life progression regression sessions will be made available.

He will be giving his pre talk in our Classroom on the evening of April 21st. The evening of the 22nd his wife Debbie who is a psychic medium will be doing a group reading. We will book one on one's with Chris on the 22nd 23rd and 24th and one on one's with Debbie on the 23rd and 24th. Chris will also have a book signing.

His first book, Life in the Past lane has just been published and Life in the Past Lane: Fears and phobias as well as Life in the Past Lane: Aches and Pains will be hot off the press.

Learn more about Chris and his work here:


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