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“Our team is a co-operative of many professionals and the store offers a wonderful opportunity for you to come by and get your mind shined!”  
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Having a 'Respond' rather than 'React' Attitude gives us a beautiful yet powerful spirited energy that carrys us a long way. Reaction comes from a fear filled mind; Response comes from a heart filled with compassion. When we respond we are positive, when we react to life, that’s negative. BEing composed rather than opposed in answering challenges in life, and having a pleasant rather than hostile response, BEing amicable rather than defensive in all communication; empowers us with a positive attitude toward true success. We disempower ourself when we create opposition without peaceful resolve. If we are required to reply to any conflict - breathe into the moment and gently ask self for inner guidance. Our ego is the protector so will tend to react, our heart responds with a soft, gentle yet strong vibration of graceful energy, allowing for trueness of our soul to fill our heart space.




Your Greatest Self.



Shawanda's Soulkin

“It’s impossible to leave Shawanda without being inspired in some way,Many customers, including myself, have spent days in the store enjoying the vibe.”


 ~Rachelle Love 

"Friendly and full of wonderful energy! I go there whenever I am in town and they are open."


~Caralene Vanderaegen 

" Wonderful place with great energy and the best prices!!"


~Karen Tremblay 

Story of ...

The store, which originally opened on Rutland Road many years ago, is now located at #101 1924 Ambrosi Road in Kelowna BC on what we call "Holistic Row".


The short street between Highway 97 & Springfield Road has businesses that specialize in non-invasive holistic approaches to improving health: acupuncturists, body talkers, sleep apnea specialists and even a karate school with Japanese architecture.


Shawanda, which means "Dawn of the New Day"  is the largest metaphysical retail store in B.C. for volume, variety, and quality.


In the words of Holly...“Bathing in the energy of the crystals is an individual experience,some say it makes them feel happy, energized or balanced. If you just want to come in, look around, recharge and balance yourself, that’s totally fine with me.”


Holly expects people will be impressed enough by the rocks, crystals and gems and their wellness attributes they will buy one and take it home to keep reaping benefits.


“I am not money motivated. It is more about the medicine and helping people heal through more natural processes.”


Shawandas founder owned Barnworx, The Art of Recycling, before opening Shawanda.


“I re-furbished old barn wood and made small furniture and art pieces I sold to stores. There was no plan (for Shawanda), it just fell into place in four days and we hit the ground running. I opened the crystal shop simply because it has been my passion. All the best medicines come from the Earth.Rocks and crystals are some of those energetic vibrational medicines.”


A similar method unfolded for the re-opening on Ambrosi after she was forced to close the Rutland Road store because the owner of the building had other plans.


“I travelled for a month then packed up for a month then hunted out the perfect place. I have travelled quite extensively. There is also a Shawanda Centre in Nice, France, that is run by my best friend and her husband.”


 As well as the fantastical energy of Holly, Shawanda is the home of a wealth of Practitioners ready to serve you with their Intuitive Healing Arts Modalities


Click HERE to meet our team 






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