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HollY Wanlin


The Art and Physics of Health - The Art of Healing Mind, Body and Soul
All the Arts we practice are apprenticeship...The Big Art is our Life.

Completed studies Buddhism
Rite of Passage - Guru गुरु “Teacher” Kalyāna-mittatā "Virtuous Friend," 
Devi Roshi Dolma Lhamo ૐ


Certified Advanced Reiki Practitioner

Certified in PSYCH-K - Whole-Brain Integration - Uniting Mind and Science
Teach Dowsing, Meditation Strategies, How to Live Life Mindfully


Tao Student

Devi (Holly) is A Contemporary Guide to Awakening the Buddha in Pursuit of Enlightenment

The Art of Healing - Mind, Body and Soul

Offering Transformation Through Crystal Wisdom & Meditation Techniques
Specialized in Energy Clearing & Chakra Balancing. Vibrational healing with tuning forks.

Artist - I love to be creative with recycled product. Make something cool and useful. I cherish my family and friends and love meeting new people.



Candy Widdifield


Our Registered Reiki Master Teacher. She offers Basic, Advanced & Masters level trainings here in the classroom at Shawanda. Candy is also a Registered Clinical Counsellor and brings a depth of knowledge and experience to her trainings. She has been teaching Reiki since 2010 and practicing since 2003. Candy offers practical step by step guidance & lots of opportunities to practice during the trainings so that by the end you feel confident in offering sessions and applying what you’ve learned. To date she has attuned well over 100 people to Reiki energy. For more information on Candy please visit candywiddifield.com




Tamilyn Severin   


 Shawanda's Web Administrator & Founder of Help2Heal Holistic Health Est. 2010


Light Work I believe, is equally as important as eating, for just as our bodies need nourishment ...so to do our Souls." 


( ON HIATUS from all services TILL AUTUMN 2021 )

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